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Beginning with a small herd grazing the hills of Ruby in 2007, we began developing a commercially valuable group of animals with stud appeal.

In 2011 we secured additional land which allowed us to expand the herd consisting of registered Herefords and Angus from local studs and dispersal's.

Breeding Polled Hereford Cattle:

Although our herd consists of registered cattle, they're run under commercial conditions to achieve our goal of developing a superior genetic base of seed stock that will perform in all conditions, are functional and profitable.

We aim to produce practical easy care Polled Herefords that will adapt and thrive on grass. Low birth weight, sufficient milk, high fertility, volume and high yielding carcass are a focal point of Ruby Reds.

Ethical Farming:

From our perspective – ethical farming is principally about treating livestock as animal’s .. not numbers. It’s about maximising profits and efficiencies but never at the animal’s expense.

100% Grass Fed Beef:

At Ruby Reds, grass fed beef isn't a marketing slogan, its just the way we raise our cattle. We aim to produce cattle that thrive on grass, this way our seed stock buyers can observe how the animal will perform in a commercially focused operation and animals that are not retained or sold as seed stock can go on to finish on grass.

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Recent News Ruby Reds Poll Hereford Stud
Ruby Reds Poll Hereford StudRuby Reds Poll Hereford Stud
06 May '19
Lighthouse L332 progeny continue to impress, we consider him to be a general improver. He adds calving ease, eye pigment, muscle and marbling while improving structure.

Ruby Reds Poll Hereford StudRuby Reds Poll Hereford Stud
05 May '19
The first W.Ledger calf is on the ground and his calving ease has shone through with a 32kg bull calf out of MISS SIXTY M01.

Wirruna Poll Herefords

Ruby Reds Poll Hereford StudRuby Reds Poll Hereford Stud
20 Apr '19
Available: 4yo Jipsey Earl (Native Angus) cow PTIC to Lighthouse L332 due in October.

$1200 or $1800 with the calf at foot.

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